Castle Crashers Pink Knight DLC Out Now

Saturday, 27 August 2011

MjolnirX - The Pink Knight, once a vicious rumor, is now reality! With all-new weapons in tow, The Pink Knight makes its debut on The Behemoth's smash hit Castle Crashers today! The DLC is free, and The Behemoth pledges to donate $1 for the first 50,000 to the Keep A Breast Foundation:
Download the Pink Knight (complete with new weapons!) in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, FOR FREE!!!!!!! ($1.00 donated to Keep A Breast Foundation with each of the first 50,000 downloads)
The mysterious Blacksmith is also now available for download, for just 160MP:
Download the Blacksmith Pack for 160 Microsoft Points. Once shrouded in mystery, the legend of the Blacksmith becomes a reality. Wielding miniature antlered frogs, burning hammers of justice and springboard contraptions, this warrior is much like William Wallace (ala Braveheart), but purple and definitely not Mel Gibson.
As well, other various updates and add-ons are included with the title update:
- Added a Team vs Team feature to Player Match Arena (as opposed to the current free-for-all).
- Earn two new Avatar Awards—Cardinal Animal Orb and Knight Helmet!
- Ability to check Player’s Gamer Cards in Xbox LIVE matches.
- Main menu News Ticker for all of your latest Castle Crashers and Behemoth Updates!
Source: The Behemoth Blog


  1. icycooL said...:

    Awesome! I haven't played Castle Crashers in forever. I loved the hell out of that game. Maybe this will give me a reason to play again. Plus it's free!

  1. aamedor said...:

    I love castle crashers ill have to get this lol

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