Microsoft Apologizes To Wrongfully Banned, Compensates

Friday, 23 September 2011

Rolling bans were felt all across the network for Xbox Live users between August 29th, and Stepember 9th. This affected only a small fraction of people, but is still inconvenient, nonetheless. Microsoft has issued an apology, and will be compensating the people who were affected with a modest gift. The people who were affected will receive 3 months of Xbox Live for free, as well as 1600MP to spend as they choose. 

Chances are, I can see some hard core nerd rage went on over a few weeks of COD Black Ops gaming being lost, and I don't think the gift will appease the angst of a 15 year old. It is generous of Microsoft though, since the total value of the gift is around $45-50 for just a few days of lost online gaming. 

Source: Joystiq


  1. Michael said...:

    If only I could get paid 50$ for not playing video games a couple of days... Man.

    Nice post. +followed.

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