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Our Reviewing process is somewhat different from other blogs/websites. We typically won't run-down a long list of things everyone expects in any decent video game these days; therefore, anything we don't comment on you can assume is either not particularly noteworthy or is a given (ex. whether the controls are good, etc.).

Each review will be separated into 5 categories:

- Story, art, ease of use.

- Self-explanatory. Also, any weird bugs related to such.

- Music, sound effects, etc.

- Controls, difficulty, "fun factor", etc.

- Anything else we can think of (ex. replayability).

We have also decided on utilizing a combination of Ratings: a numerical one alongside a Buy/Rent/Forget qualifier. The most important of the two is the B/R/F: we don't care how amazing a 4-hour retail game that costs $60 is, if it's over before we get our money's worth, it's a Rent at best. The numerical value will be out of 100, which will function in much the same way as any other site's vaguely-pointless number score.

As well, yes we are aware of game rental stores shutting down en masse. Replace "Rent" with "Borrow From A Friend", "Get Used", etc. if necessary.

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