Review: Dead Space Ignition

Friday, 12 August 2011

Developers - Visceral Games, Sumo Digital
Publisher - Electronic Arts
Platforms - Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network
Genres - Survival Horror, Puzzle, Action
Modes - Single-player, Multiplayer
Metacritic - 35
User rating - 47
My rating - 49
Achievements - 200/200
Hours played - 2

MjolnirX - One of the major gripes I had with this game was its repetitiveness. It's three mini-games over and over again, with learning curves steeper than Mount Everest. While the games were fun initially, they quickly got annoying and difficult past the point of frustration. The only redeeming qualities of this game are the story, and the bonus suit for Dead Space 2. It tells the tale of Franco Delille, the man who sets you free from your cell at the beginning of Dead Space 2, as well as his motives and fate.

Upon completion of the game:
"After completing the game players will receive bonus items for Dead Space 2, including a hacker-themed suit with 15% armor and 15 inventory slots, as well as a bonus to the hacking portions of the game Players also receive a hacker-themed Contact Beam weapon, extra power nodes, health packs, ammo, and audio logs. These bonuses are found in "conduit rooms" unlocked with a Dead Space Ignition completed save file."
Hardware Crack

Hardware Crack is a fairly traditional puzzle-solving mini-game in which you re-direct various colored lasers to their respective exit points. You are time-limited in this one and thus required to think fast.

There are various components in the playing field each with different functions.

Trace Route

Trace Route involves controlling an electrical signal in a race against other signals to the finish line. You are required to dodge obstacles - walls and other moving objects - that will slow you down to a near stop whilst also aiming for various power-ups that grant you the ability to reverse the AI opponents' controls, drop walls behind you, or simply give you a speed boost.

System Override

System Override is a simple Tower Defense mini-game in which you are not only required to block enemy attackers, but to do so whilst advancing troops to an objective on the other side of the playing field. You have multiple unit types - one of which has the ability to slow down incoming enemy units.


Overall, this game was nothing more than a stepping stone to Dead Space 2, and should be avoided unless you plan on playing Dead Space 2 immediately afterwards.


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