Metro 2033 On Sale Onlive Today for $5

Friday, 9 September 2011

Developer 4A Games
Publisher THQ
Platforms OnLive
Release Date               -
Genre Survival Horror, First Person Shooter
Modes    Single
MetaRating  81

The FPS game Metro 2033 is now on sale for the PC Game distribution center OnLive. This is part of OnLive's "Five Dollar Fridays". This is an amazing price for an even more amazing game. If you have a capable connection, love survival horrors and can deal with OnLive's less than admirable always-on internet mode, this is nothing but the smartest $5 you can spend. 


  1. aamedor said...:

    I played about halfway through this one Im not a big FPS fan so didn't finish it was ok I guess

  1. BDTC said...:

    I absolutely loved this game, EXCEPT THE ENDING.

    Made me wut hard.

  1. Formhault said...:

    Played this game. Not up to the expectations, tbh. Not so AWESOME as people claimed it'll be...

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